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/Sympto-Thermal Method

Did you know that during a woman's cycle, her body has various observable signs and symptoms? Talk about being a great communicator! These signs and symptoms are indications of her fertility. 

Ladies, the science of Serena's Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) involves 3 mains symptoms of fertility:

  1. Cervical Mucus: Produced in the cervix and released in the vagina thanks to estrogen. The stuff of nature that can transport sperm and facilitate conception. Observing this helps to anticipate and confirm ovulation.
  2. Basal Body Temperature: Your temperature at rest. Pre-ovulation, your temperature will be low. Thanks to progesterone, your temperature will increase after you ovulate. Observing this helps to confirm if ovulation has occurred.
  3. Cervical Position: High/low, open/closed, soft/firm and straight/titled depending on the part of your cycle. It's the most stable, yet hardest to observe, symptom out there. But it's totally doable! It's especially great for after having a baby or when approaching menopause (when life's maybe a bit more unpredictable). Observing this also helps to (you guessed it!) anticipate and confirm ovulation.

With the STM, all symptoms are interpreted in light of each other and never on their own. The ability to double-check other symptoms contributes to the beauty of the STM -- you have multiple symptoms to confirm where you are at. With this information you can  make your decision together as a couple to be intimate or to abstain, depending on your goal to have a baby or not.  And yes, even if you have irregular cycles, the STM can still work for you.

Our method is well-researched and documented. This brief explanation is hardly a biology lesson. For greater detail, register for a course or ask us about our available publications.


The Sympto-Thermal chart has been designed to facilitate the recording of symptoms (cervical mucus and cervical changes) and basal body temperature as accurately and as clearly as possible. We have empirical data from thousands of cycles compiled from countless couples over the years. With this data, our Medical Advisor, Dr. Suzanne Parenteau, continues to improve our charts and our methodology. By charting their signs and symptoms of fertility, couples have access to a world of information that can be interpreted and used not only to plan their families, but also to have insight into their reproductive and overall health.