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/Authentic Intimacy

It's what we live for. What about you?

Intimacy.  The word can be intimidating, but lived authentically, it's only all good and chances are it's what your heart desires most. Think of the word "intimacy" as "in-to-me-see", the seeing into and consideration of each others' hearts - even and perhaps all the more in matters of sex and fertility. It's the art of learning and honouring who you each are and where you each are at. In the end, it's the journey of becoming less focused on yourself, more focused on your spouse and what you have to give. This "authentic intimacy" has been the honest and beautiful experience for us as husbands and wives and it is possible. It is something that you too can grow into and live.


We're all about the couple. We're all for husband and wife living the joys of authentic intimacy together.  No surprise, then, for our couple-to-couple teaching model.  Too common today is fertility considered a "woman's issue". But the truth is, it's not. It takes two to tango: not only a sperm AND an egg, but also both husband and wife to make the decision together to wait or to pave the way for new life - all respectfully, beautifully, totally.

Serena is built upon good, solid marriages and families. We are husbands and wives who can't contain to ourselves the good life and joy that NFP affords us. And so, here we are, moved to spread this authentic intimacy that touches us day in and day out. We have stronger marriages and better families for it. Our hope is that your marriage and family will be too.