Frequently asked questions


Is NFP the rhythm method?

Short answer: No. The rhythm method is a method of NFP, but one that is out of date and unreliable.

Unfortunately, NFP is all too commonly mistaken for the rhythm method. While the rhythm method is a form of NFP, it is not one that we would recommend because there are more sophisticated methods that are proven to be effective for avoiding pregnancy (such as Serena's STM!). The rhythm method was one of the earlier forms of NFP which predicts when a woman will be fertile based on her previous cycles. While it can work for women who are regular, life all too often will present circumstances that will cause a change in the length a woman's cycle, and so throwing off the rhythm necessary for the success of the method.

What are our options if we think we are infertile?

Short answer: NFP and charting can help.

Infertility can be a very painful reality for couples. If you are having trouble conceiving and think you may be infertile, we are here to support you. If you are not already practicing NFP, we would encourage you first to learn a method (be it with us or another credible NFP organization) and to begin charting. While we will not be able to give you an official diagnosis, your charts could very well help us to identify any possible issues that need further medical investigation and we can refer you to the help you need. Your charts could indicate sub-fertility, which means that you are not actually infertile, but that for one reason or another you have more difficulty conceiving. With NFP and specifically Serena's STM, the days of optimal fertility can be identified and with that information sub-fertile couples certainly have a better chance at getting pregnant. For more complicated reproductive issues, we do highly recommend the Creighton Model of NFP. Creighton's NaProTECHNOLOGY offers a natural alternative to the mainstream reproductive technologies out there. It is a relatively unknown yet effective option that is less costly for the couple not only financially, but also emotionally, mentally and physically. For example NaProTECHNOLOGY success stories check out Natural Fertility Matters, the website of Freda McMahon, a Creighton Practitioner based in the UK. To find a Creighton Practitioner near you, see For Creighton Practitioners in Vancouver, BC see FertilityCare Vancouver. If the possibility of infertility is an issue that you’re facing, we’re really sorry. We understand that it can be a painful process. If you would like to learn more about how Serena’s STM can help, contact us.

Are there methods of NFP other than Serena's STM?

Short answer: Yes!

Serena's Sympto-Thermal Method is only one of many modern and effective NFP methods available. While we admit we are totally biased towards Serena not only for its method, but also for its couple approach to fertility, we are also big fans of the other available NFP organizations and their respective methods. We support you in your choice of NFP. The best method and approach is that which works best for you as husband and wife and your particular circumstances. There are various organizations that offer NFP services, among them here are some of the most well-known and established:

Sympto-Thermal Method

(observation of cervical mucus, other symptoms as well as basal body temperature)

  1. Couple-to-Couple League or Live the Love
  2. Marquette Model of NFP (ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor to measure hormone levels)
  3. Sympto-Pro Fertility Educationoffered by Northwest Family Services. See also: Love Naturally NFP

Ovulation Method

(observation of cervical mucus)

  1. The Billings Ovulation Method taught by WOOMB. In Canada? See also: WOOMB Canada
  2. Creighton Model Fertilitycare System featuring NaProTECHNOLOGY. To find a Creighton Practitioner see For Creighton Practitioners in Vancouver, BC see FertilityCare Vancouver Reliable information on NFP is hard to come by.

Even we NFP service organizations can seem disjointed in our approaches to reach out you. Here at Serena we hope to build bridges as well as to establish some notoriety for NFP. For a more exhaustive list of NFP methods and fertility monitors , see this review by Sara Fox Peterson. While written from a Catholic perspective, her review is the one of the most thorough and helpful resources we've come across. All this said, in finding the method that suits you best, do your research! While we can attest to the sophistication and effectiveness of Serena's STM, we can't share that same endorsement for all other methods and monitors listed (we just don't know enough about them!).

The thought of mucus is disgusting to me. Actually, having to observe any symptoms stresses me out. What are my options for NFP?

Short answer: They aren't our first choice, but there are options.

We'll be honest, we are fans of methods which rely on the human intellect and capacities of husband and wife to gauge fertility. As such, we really only recommend NFP methods that require symptom observation and charting (like Serena's STM). That said, there are other natural methods of birth regulation that rely on devices to indicate which part of the cycle the woman is at (for example, by measuring her hormone or salt levels). We personally don't know enough about these fertility monitors and their degrees of effectiveness, but they are out there. For a more exhaustive list of NFP methods and fertility monitors, see this review by Sara Fox Peterson. While written from a Catholic perspective, her review is the one of the most thorough and helpful resources we've come across. Remember: if your goal is to avoid pregnancy, regardless of what natural method or fertility monitor you choose, you are only actually practicing NFP (and reaping all the benefits that come along with it) if you abstain during your fertile phase!